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E asks:

Reb Eliezer says a succah needs to be fit for all 7 days but that contradicts Miguel on daf 7a

E, United States

The Kollel replies:


I'm assuming you mean Migo, and are referring to the famous question of the Achronim, if the Migo works just for Shabbas, the Succah is not good - Rauy for all seven days.

The Rashash has an interesting controversial answer. He says that the Migo, eliminates the seven day problem too, and Migo that the Succah is good for Shabbas, it is good even if it is not good for all seven days. This is a hard concept to understand, and is very much spoken about in the Yeshiva world. The Rashsash can be explained in the following way. The Halacha that the Succah should be Rauy for all seven days, does not mean that on Sunday, the Succah should be good for Tuesday, but rather that on Sunday, the Succah should be good, even if today was Tuesday. In the case that the wall is good on Shabbas because of Hilchos Shabbas, it means that today - on Shabbas, it is considered as if there is a wall that is just as a weekday wall, and it is as if today, the Succah is good for all week.

The Marcheshes (15, 8) says that the Halacha of 'Reuya le'Shiva' is only reffering to the Schach, but not to the walls because the word "Succah" means mainly the shade of the Sechach.

Best regards,

Aharon Steiner