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Marc Diamond commented:

Dear Rabbi Kornfeld,

As an addendum to the d'var torah regarding Eisav & Yishmael, I recall a drasha given by the mashgiach of the Providence beys medrash, Rav Yosef Lipson. I don't recall whom he quoted. He stated that the three-letter names used during hoshanos (ani and v'ho) were (as noted recently in sukkah) the first and 36th names generated from three 72-letter p'sukim. He mentioned that these names constituted a summary of the subsequent groups of 35 names, each of which were associated with the 35 nations of Yishmoel and the 35 nations of Eisav.


Marc Diamond

The Kollel replies:

Thank you very much! (The Gaon of Vilna writes in the Tikunei Zohar, Tikun #13, that there are actually 72 -- and not just 70 -- nations, two of which are Esav and Yishmael which are the heads of all the others, as you said.)

M. Kornfeld