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Thanks for your reply. Hope you had a good (well deserved) break!!

Wishing you a successful and fruitful winter zman.

An additional query that I have (since I'm already writing to you) is regarding the Gemorah which discusses 'Huktzeh l'Mitzvoh' and the various opinions as to when an Esrog is permitted for use, whether one has an Esrog a day (designated or 'stam' for any day) that one has to wait until the end of the day before 'using' it. Why is 'Moser shemen ner Chanuka' different that it retains its 'Huktzeh l'Mitzvoh' for ever, even though we paskan 'Hadlokoh oseh Mitzvoh'.

Thank you again for your help.


The Kollel replies:

Dear S F,

Hello and thanks for your interesting question. My personal opinion is that there is a fundamental difference between the two cases. In the case of Esrog, the Mitzvah does not require consumption of the fruit. Thus the designation is temporary, not to be used during the period of the mitzvah. The person never intended it not to be used after Yom Tov.

In the case of Chanukah, the Mitzvah requires consumption of the oil. When a person designates the oil for Chanukah lights he intends it to be consumed, with no possibility of using it after Chanukah. Therefore in this case the Huktzah l'Mitzvaso continues even after Chanukah.

Kol tuv,

Y. Landy