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albert asked:

have urgent question --

i want to build a porch with an open roof maybe 3-5" in between each beam

can i build the roof of a succah with 2x4 wood beams and make it a permeant roof

1- can i use nail -as beams will be able to hold byitself on walls of porch

2- can i use the whole roof as wood beams attached or need to leave space in-between and put regular sacah and how many inches must be left in-between

albert, usa

The Kollel replies:

[This response should not be construed as a Halachic ruling on the question. Rather, it is an exploration of the topic to help our readers become more familiar with the issues involved.]

Technically one could build a Sukah with wood beams, as long as they are not four Tefachim (handsbreaths) wide, and there is a greater space in between the beams where one would insert regular kosher Sechach which would form most of the covering (this does not apply to a very small Sukah, see Shulchan Aruch O.C. 631:8).

1) Nails can even be used on the beams according to the strict opinion of the Chazon Ish (regarding Ma'amid d'Mamid) when the Sechach is essentially able to stay on the walls of the Sukah without other support in a regular wind (and the nails are just for security).

2) According to most Poskim, the custom is not to use an entire roof of wooden slats, even if they are thin (see Shulchan Aruch O.C. 629:18 and Mishnah Berurah ibid.).

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose

[I hope this response has clarified the issue. For all practical questions on the issue, please consult your local Orthodox rabbi.]