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Meir Eliezer Bergman asked:

The Gemoro on 17b (second loshon) says that Rav holds Sechach Posul (even in the middle of a sukah) is posel at 4 Amos. The Gem brings an earlier Mishna "Nosan Aleha Neser" re a plank 4 tefochim wide, which is Kosher - this is fine according to Rav. However, that Mishna concludes that one should not sit under the 4 tefach plank!

Our Magid Shiur pointed out that it would appear that even according to Rav (in this second loshon), Schach Posul of less than 4 Amos does not invalidate a Sukka, but one should still not sit underneath it!

Do you have any comment on the above?

Kesiva VaChasima Tova

Meir Eliezer Bergman

Manchester UK

The Kollel replies:

Shalom and thanks for your question.

The Avnei Nezer states that even according to Rav one may not sleep under such a neser.

G'mar Chasimah Tovah.

Y. Landy