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Yakov Okshtein asks:

Towards the bottom, on "ela eima ein bo din chalukah k'chatzer", there's a "yesh girsa b'chatzer", which is how the Ritva learns.

Does anyone learn like the text of the gemara "k'chatzer", that the gemara is coming to push away the kasha from the Mishna and support the original beraisa at the top of the amud?

Thank you!

The Kollel replies:

Rashi learns like the text "k'Chatzer."

The Gemara is not trying to support the original Beraisa. If the Chatzer has a total of only 4 Amos, everyone agrees that one cannot divide it up, since the Mishnah which the Gemara cites here states explicitly that one must have 4 Amos for each neighbor.

However, the text "k'Chatzer" is stlll a feasible one, because the Beraisa is now ammended to state that the house of less than 4 Amos is not considered as being part of the Chatzer to give the owner of the house extra area in the Chatzer, according to Rav Huna, simply by the rights of owning an additional house.

Kol Tuv,

Dovid Bloom