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chaim edelstein asked:

i read that the mitzvah of sukah is equal to all the mitzvos in the torah. do you know where that statement can be found? kol tuv.

chaim edelstein, st.louis, missouri

The Kollel replies:

In the Krovos said during Chazaras Hashatz by some Kehilos, the following statement is found at the beginning of one of the paragraphs (after Mechayeh Hameisim): "Bal Tehi Mitzvas Sukah b'Einecha Kalah, Ki k'Neged Kol Mitzvos Das Chukoseha Shekula" -- "Let not the Mitzvah of Sukah be light in your eyes, as its laws are equal to all of the Mitzvos."

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose