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v stevens asked:

Please can you tell me what a Sukah is, one of my friends has a son who has been given this as an assignment in school and I can find very little refference to it on the net. Thankyou.

v stevens, leeds

The Kollel replies:

A Sukah (also spelled Sukkah, Suka, Sukka, Succah, Succa) is a "booth", or temporary home, that Jews are commanded by the Bible to live in for seven days a year, in lieu of their normal house. (When I say "live in" the Sukah, I mean that the Jew must eat and drink and sleep in the Sukah. It is commendable for him to spend other time there as well, but it is not required.)

The Sukah booth must be built according to specific guidelines laid down in the Talmudic Tractate bearing its name. For example, it must have at least 2.5 walls (the fourth wall and part of the third may be left open), it must be covered by objects that grow from the ground (i.e. plants or trees) but that are not presently attached to the ground. The plants covering the Sukah must be in their raw form and not manufactured into a finished product (such as a ladder or chair), etc.

Good luck!

M. Kornfeld

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