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Mark Bergman asked:

The Mishna and Gemoro discuss that the Kohen was not allowed to put out a thumb during the Payas. (The reasons I have seen are that either the thumb can be stretched far from the other fingers, or that the thumb can be quickly put in and out at the last moment).

The Mishna/Gemoro only seem to be discussing one hand. Someone asked in our shiur (by R.Simcha Bamberger): Couldn't a Kohen put in one finger from each hand. These fingers could obviously be moved further away than other fingers, and could also be put in and out very quickly. (Maybe the Kohanim had to put one hand behind their back or something similar?)

The Kollel replies:

It appears that we do not suspect that a Kohen will extend an additional hand, for, should he do so his attempt at deceipt would be clear to everyone. The thumb, on the other hand, could be extended and made to look like it was someone else's finger without being noticed.

M. Kornfeld

Chaim Mateh comments:

I don't know if this is relevant to the list, but the Israeli army uses the payiss method when choosing volunteers. Or at least that's what they did when I did boot camp 18 years ago: we'd all line up and when noone wanted to volunteer for something (who ever did volunteer ?), everyone was told to put out one finger, the index finger I think. Then a random soldier was asked to give a number greater than 20. The drill instructer would then count the fingers, starting from the number-giver. The soldier upon who the number "landed", was the volunteer.

So we can even be melamed zchuss the Israeli army's officers/commanders, even if _they_ don't know where their strange methods came from .

Kol Tuv,