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The "White Shul " of Far Rockaway N.Y. asked:

Dear Rabbi Kornfeld Shlita

Yasher Koach for the excellent job you and your Kollel are doing !

Daf 11A Hash-m sends Shmuel to anoint Dovid, Shmuel replies How can I go Shaul will kill me? Would a soldier in the army dare answer this or would he say yes sir, right away sir ?? Perhaps a more correct translation of "AICH ALAICH " is not how can I go rather how shall i go, Shmuel wants to succeed in spite of the danger of Shaul and he therefore asks Hash-m for a suggestion how to go about it ? I believe that perhaps this interpretation is what the RADAK means in his pshat on the posuk.

These Questions were raised by various members of our Daf Yomi Shiur in the "White Shul " of Far Rockaway N.Y. given by Rabbi Elozer Kanner thank you for your help

The Kollel replies:

I believe you are correct to say the Radak understands "Aich Alaich" to mean how shall I go. He explains, "Even if a person receives a guarantee of success from Hash-m, it is still proper to attempt to succeed by natural means, and sometimes even Hash-m himself will instruct a commandment to be carried out in a natural way. This is what Shmuel was asking for.

Another possible explanation I heard is, that Shmuel was worried that Shaul would kill him before he was able to accomplish his mission. The Gemara in Pesachim learns from this Pasuk that even Sheluchei Mitzvah may be hurt if it Shechi'ach Hezeikah. He was not protesting that he cannot go, but that the mission might not be accomplished even if he did go.

Best wishes,

Dovid Schloss

C. Shaw comments:

The MALBIM asks your question explicitly, and gives that explanation for "Eich Elech" (that is, "How (i.e. in what way) shall I go [in order to avoid danger]."

C. Shaw