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Q. Reese asked:

The Gemara says that Rabah and Rav Yosef learned in "She'ar Sifrei d'Vei Rav" that Yom Kipur is Asur in 5 Inuyim from the verse Shabason (Vayikra 16). Rashi explains that "She'ar Sifrei" means it was not in was not taught in Toras Kohanim, but in Bamidbar or Devarim.

I don't understand. The Pasuk of "Shabason" is in Toras Kohanim, not Bamidbar or Devarim. What does this Drasha have to do with Bamidbar and Devarim?

Q. Reese, Atlanta, GA

The Kollel replies:

The Ra'am Horovitz (at the back of every Shas Gemara) asks your question ('Baruch she'Kivanta le'Da'ato').

He answers that even though the word 'Shabason' is written in Vayikra, the Pasuk from which we learn that Inuy refers to eating and drinking appears in Bamidbar (29:7), as the Gemara will explain later (see 76a & 81a).

I did not find the Derashah in the Sifri there, but there can be little doubt that is what Rashi means.

Be'Virchas Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler