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Rabbi Uri Neumann asked:

Re: Insights 58b -- See maharam shiff on the gemara in gittin "kosovar sheharag es atzmo"

QUESTION If "tiharui" refers to the 7 sprinkles and "kidush" refers to "nisinas keronos" shouldn't the possuk have been Vkidshu V'tiharu -- kisidrun?

Rabbi Uri Neumann

The Kollel replies:

It seems that the Gemara's Derashah is actually based on your question. If the Pasuk had been written in chronological order, we would not know anything more than the fact that there is a Nesinas Keranos and seven sprinkles on the wall of the Mizbe'ach. The fact that the Pasuk is written out of order shows that we are supposed to apply something from the Nesinas Keranos to the seven sprinkles. The Gemara understands that this means, as Rashi explains (DH "b'Makom"), that the area where the last part of the Nesinas Keranos took place is where the seven sprinkles start. It seems probable that this specific Derashah was made because the Gemara wanted to find a case where a Halachah regarding the beginning of "v'Tiharo" would be applicable based on a Halachah regarding the end of "v'Kidsho." This would be the most apropo reason for stating "v'Tiharo" first, and then "v'Kidsho."

Kol Tuv,

Yaakov Montrose