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Abe Murad asked:

(a) When a person designate a korban Chatas and before slaughtering dies. The animals becomes Korban Ola. Is this true.

(b) On yom Kippur the he goat for Hash-m. what did the Kohen Gadol put on its neck. the lot designation or a strip. If he puts a strip then after breaking the strip of korban Azazel in half we will end up with three strips. How come?

Abe Murad, Montreal,Canada

The Kollel replies:

(a) A Chatas whose owner dies is placed in a closed room and left to die (Temurah 21b, Me'ilah 10b, Rambam Pesulei ha'Mukdashim 4:1). An Asham whose owner died is left to graze until it contracts a blemish and is then sold and the money is used for an Olah (Temurah 18a, 20b, Rambam Pesulei ha'Mukdashim 4:14).

(b) The Kohen would place the relevant lot on the head of each goat (Yoma 39a, Rambam Avodas Yom ha'Kipurim 3:3). He would then tie a thread of Zehuris on the neck of the goat (Yoma 41b, Rambam Avodas Yom ha'Kipurim 3:4). The Sa'ir la'Azazel also had a thread tied around it, on it's horns. When the Sa'ir arrived at the appointed place, the person bringing it would remove the thread, divide it into two and tie one half around the horns of the goat and one half around a nearby rock (Yoma 67a, Rambam Avodas Yom ha'Kipurim 3:7).

Dov Freedman