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Eliezer Zabrowsky asked:

BEIS AVTINAS never allowed a bride to be perfumed, to remain above suspicion of benefiting from the Ketores (Yoma 38a). Why was this so much to their credit if all of the women in had no need for perfumes? what was the suspicion they were avoiding if it was permitted even actively after the ketores was burned?

The Kollel replies:

The Rishonim (Tosfos Yeshanim, Ritva) are bothered by your question. The Ritva offers a few explanations.

(a) One explanations he offers is that the family of Avtinas lived even further then Yericho, where the scent of the Ketores did not reach.

(b) Another explanation of the Ritva is that although women of Yerushalayim and the surrounding cities did not require perfume due to the scent of the Ketores, it was still customary of women from affluent families to wear perfume. However women from the house of Avitnas would never wear perfume.

D. Schloss