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Michoel Reach asks:

I very much enjoyed the insight on daf 32, about the shita of the Gra and the order of the verses in the Torah.

A small correction: it says, "According to the correct order of the Avodah, Aharon is to bring the Musaf offering and the afternoon Tamid first, and only afterwards is he to don the linen garments again and return to the Kodesh ha'Kodashim to remove the Kaf u'Machtah." That isn't quite right, the afternoon Tamid is brought at the end. The rams go in the middle.

I think the same mistake is implied further on as well.

Michoel Reach, Baltimore

The Kollel replies:

(Please forgive the delay in response. Technical problems prevented the mailing of a number of responses.)

1) This is in fact the subject of a dispute between the Rambam and Rashi. The Rambam (in Hilchos Avodas Yom ha'Kipurim 2:2) writes that he sacrifices the afternoon Tamid, then washes his hands and feet, takes off the gold garments, immerses, dons the linen clothing, and enters the Kodesh ha'Kodashim to remove the Kaf u'Machtah.

What we wrote in Insights follows the opinion of the Rambam.

2) There appears to be support for the Rambam's view from the Mishnah later (70a), which states that the cow of the Olah and the goat offered outside were sacrificed with the afternoon Tamid. The Mishnah then proceeds to describe how the Kohen Gadol dons the linen garments and enters the Kodesh ha'Kodashim to remove the Kaf u'Machtah.

3) However, Rashi (32a, DH she'Kol) disagrees with the Rambam and writes that the removal of the Kaf u'Machtah comes before the Korban Musaf and the afternoon Tamid, as you write.

4) The Lechem Mishneh (2:2) writes that the Beraisa on 32b supports Rashi's opinion, because it enumerates the five Avodos and puts the Kaf u'Machtah before the afternoon Tamid.

Kol Tuv,

Dovid Bloom