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Neil asked:

B"H, good day. please excuse my spelling.

i am just curious. it says in Yoma (recently) (please excuse my lack of remembering the exact daf) that the mothers of kohenim would make clothing similar to the clothing they wore for the avodah. and it says that once given to the migdash they then could wear them for a korban yichid. how could these articles of clothing be distinguished from the others - so that no mistakes happen. i would think that if a mistake was made and one wore the 'wrong' item that the korban would be determined pasul. is there anything written on this or am i just making something more than it is. i hope i explained myself well.

The Kollel replies:

I think the answer to your question can be understood from RASHI 25a DH DE'KA'KATANI who writes that the mothers of the Kohanim made home-made garments to show their glorious wealth and their beautiful work and how much they loved doing Mitzvos with splendour. Therefore, one could assume that each item of clothing would be very distinctive and the mother of the Kohen who had sewed it would certainly recognize it, as would her son and the rest of the family too if it should get mixed up with the other clothes. Therefore one need not be worried about a mistake happening with these clothes.


D. Bloom