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Randy Lazarus asked:

What exactly is Gargir, anyway??! Any reasonable theories out there?


The Kollel replies:

According to our research, "Gargir" refers to a plant called the "rocket plant" of the family Cruciferae ("cruca" means rocket in Latin), a European annual grown mainly for salad. It has a short foreangled seed capsule.

For more information, try running a search with one of the major online search engines. We have a picture of it in one of our books here (Olam ha'Tzome'ach ha'Mikra'i, Yehudah Felix p. 191). It doesn't look familiar to me, but I can scan it and send it over upon request.


Joel asks:

can you scan [the picture] and send me a copy, please?


The Kollel replies:


Here is the picture And is the accompanying text. These are taken from Rav Yehudah Felix's Olam ha'Tzome'ach ha'Mikra'i, Masada Press, 1976, p.190-191. Hope you find it helpful.

Be well,


Joseph HARRAR writes:

Ribbi ou Mori

My knowledge about gargir : in egyptian arabic it has the same name ! (semitic languages). It is very common and inexpensive.

In french it is called roquette. The leaves are eaten as a salad. Rather expensive !

In Italy, I think that they call it rouccoula (?). They fill a large pita bread with white salted cheese and a lot of leaves of rouccoula.

I have eaten it and its taste is rather sharp.

Chabbat chalom,


The Kollel replies:

Thanks for clarifying that!

Also, I'd like to apologize for the overly large mailing with the picture of the Gargir that I recently distributed; it went out to the entire list by accident. You will not receive such large mailings in the future!