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Shimmy Messing asked:

hi rabbi kornfeld, how are you. B"H i have been accepted and plan on attending yeshivas kerem b'yavneh this elul. looking forward to meeting you and the other members of the kolel. i have a quick question o hope you can help me with. in my chazarah i was reviewing daf 13 discussing the condition needed to make sure there is only one wife of the lohen gadol during the avodah. i was wondering though, why there is no need for a tnai cophel like is found in the beginning of the third perek of kidushin. i didnt see any of the m'forshim talk about it but maybe you did. maybe it could be like tosafos in the first perek of kiddushin by matana al mnas lhachzir who says tnai cophel isnt needed where there is an umdenah dmoochach. your thoughts are appreciated. thanks so much and have a chag kosher vsameiach.

Shimmy Messing

The Kollel replies:


You may be correct, that here a Tenai Kaful is not required since it is an Umdena d'Muchach (or for the other reasons mentioned in the Rishonim, such as the Rambam who does not require it when the words "Al Menas" are used, Zechiyah u'Matanah 3:8).

However, even if a Tenai Kaful is required, the Gemara would not have had to mention it. The Gemara is not quoting the entire wording that the Kohen Gadol would use; it is just dealing with the technical problem of how to present the Tenai. When the Kohen Gadol words the Tenai, perhaps he was Kofel it -- just like the Mishnayos in the eighth Perek of Gitin (one of which is quoted here) do not specify the Tenai Kaful in each Mishnah.

Be well, Mordecai