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The "White Shul " of Far Rockaway N.Y. asked:

Dear Rabbi Kornfeld Shlita

Yasher Koach for the excellent job you and your Kollel are doing !

1)daf 9B the gemara discusses the sins of the bnei Eli The second was that of Bezayon Kodshim The Kohanim took their portion to eat before the portion of HASH-M (the fats ) were burnt on the Mizbayach.

Did this issur apply to the owners of the korbon as well ?? (with regard to their part ) Regardless , who could keep track of which fats was or was not burnt yet. We know that the burning of the fats could be done all night what effect does this have on causing Nosar ?? for a Korbon that may be eaten one day and one night only????

2) Daf 12A Was'nt the Mizbayach actually built on Binyamins land other than one Amah on the south and east sides which would have been on Yehudas land IF there had been a Yesod on those sides . If so what was Binyomins Pain and Anguish ??

These Questions were raised by various members of our Daf Yomi Shiur in the "White Shul " of Far Rockaway N.Y. given by Rabbi Elozer Kanner thank you for your help

The Kollel replies:

1. We'll BE"H get back to you on this one.

2. The Ein Yakov in Zevachim brings a Medrash that says, "The reason why the other Shevatim did not merit having the Beis ha'Mikdash built on their portion, was because they did not have mercy on their brother Yosef. Yehuda who saved Yosef from being killed, but didn't completely save him, merited the south and east side of the Mizbayach. However he did not merit to have the yesod also in his portion.

The Maharsha comments, that the reason for Binyamon's pain, was because if the whole Mizbayach had been in his portion, the whole Mizbayach would have had a yesod.

Best wishes,

Dovid Schloss