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Boruch Mandelbaum asked:

When rejecting Shavuos as being the Yom Tov requiring Prisha, the gemara answers that Shvuos had two ayalim and the miluin had only one. Yom Kippur, however, has one ayal and therefore we prefer to learn Yom Kippur rather than Shavuos. Why does the gemara make a chiluk based on the korbanos accompanying the shtei halechem (two ayalim) which is a korban unique to shavuos and not applicable to the miluim at all? On the contrary, the regular musaf korban for Shavuos only uses one ayal just like the miluim and therefore the limud to shavuos should be accepted.

Boruch Mandelbaum, St. Louis, MO USA

The Kollel replies:

Although the Se'ir is called "Ba Machmas ha'Lechem," nevertheless the Lechem is not Me'akev the Se'ir -- if there is no Lechem, we still bring the Se'ir. From this we see that the Se'ir is also a Chovas ha'Yom. (For this reason, the Nusach of the Tefilah of Musaf on Shavuos, according to the Ba'al ha'Tanya, is "u'Shenei Se'irim.")

D. Zupnik