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Binyomin Green asked:

May Hash-m bless you and thank you for your information it was excellent and helped me a lot.

A second question of I may, is a Kohein allowed to marry a Gee'aris if he differently knows she is a virgin, and was unmarried prior to her conversion?


The Kollel replies:

According to the Gemara in Yevamos 60b and Kidushin 78a, it is forbidden for a Kohen to marry a Giyores even if she is a virgin. The Gemara learns this from a verse in Yechezkel (44:22).

According to Rambam (Isurei Bi'ah 18:3) a Giyores is prohibited to a Kohen from the Pasuk of Zonah (whether or not she had prior relations). The Pasuk in Yechezkel is merely an indication that Giyores is included is the Isur of Zonah.

Ra'avad (ibid) is of the opinion that it is only an Isur mi'Divrei Kabalah i.e. that the Pasuk in Yechezkel is the primary source. The Gemara in Kidushin (78a) explains that we learn from the word "Zerah" in that verse that the woman a Kohen marries must be born Jewish.

-Mordecai Kornfeld