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Robert Rebenwurzel asked:

Thanks for your response. Question:

Let me draw your attention to the 1st Toisefos on Daf 34B ("Rebbi Oymer..."). Toisefos says that the difference between the Nesachim written referring to the Morning or Afternoon Tamid would be if they happened to have only sufficient Nesachim for one time then it would be used for the 1st or 2nd Tamid, depending upon which case it refers to.

My question is: Just the other day (Daf 33A at the very bottom, continued 33B on top) we learned that: "Ain Ma'avirin al Hamitzvos....." ? See also 1st Toisefos Daf 33B, ("Avurey Trooh Atoiteftoh...") regarding bypassing the Tefillin that one picked up first?

Kindly reply at your convenience.


R. Rebenwurzel, Brooklyn, NY

The Kollel replies:

The Si'ach Yitzchak asks your question and answers that this Derashah is telling us specifically to bring the Nesachim with the Tamid Shel Erev and to disregard the rule of Ein Ma'avirin Al ha'Mitzvos. Furthermore, he argues that since the Nesachim do not have to be brought at the same time as the Tamid, but can be brought even days later (Zevachim 8a, Rambam Ma'aseh ha'Korbanos 2:12), it is not considered Ma'avirin Al ha'Mitzvos to bring the Nesachim with the Tamid.

Tosfos on 33a at the bottom of the Amud say that where a person can only keep one of two Mitzvos there is no Din of Ein Ma'avirin. The Chayei Adam brings this l'Halachah (Klal 68:1 see Nishmas Adam ibid.).

Dov Freedman