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Sidney Dubin asked:

why would it not be better for the nischei ha'tamid to be before minchas ha'tamid that way the chavisei kohen gadol would be after all the avodahs ha'tamid?

The Kollel replies:

It appears that Chazal relied on the order of the verse (Vayikra 23:37) cited in the Gemara which mentions the Minchah before the Nesachim, "Olah *u'Minchah*, Zevach *u'Nesachim*." In fact, whenever the Torah mentions the two, the Torah puts the Minchah before the Nesachim (see, for example, Vayikra 23 and Bamidbar 29, in a number of verses). This also makes sense logically, since Achilah comes before Shetiyah during a meal.