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Avi Geffner asked:

When the gemara is talking about whether a colored garment that has blood on it if that would render a woman tamey. It says it should not use the word tiknu but rather hutru. The gemara asks, that implies that it was once asur, is that possible, the gemara answers yes and gives a case about some roman general. can you please explain that little peace of the story and how it shows that at one time it was assur to wear colored garments.

Avi Geffner, N.Y., USA

The Kollel replies:

The Roman general waged war on Jerusalem. This was a precursory stage in the Churban, and therefore the Chachamim made Gezeiros to lessen the Simchah at weddings.

They did away with the crowns that the grooms wore and a certain type of bell. They wished to do away with the fancy colored garments that women wore as well. However, they then decided to be Matir such garments, because although they add Simchah, they also save from Kesamim.

I hope this clarifies the Gemara for you.

D. Zupnik