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1. Dachik La Alma (Tosfos DH ha'Isha) 2. Testing a Kli Cheres

Daniel Estreicher asked:

In general,what does Rashi mean by"dedachik law almaw"?Is this referring to gravity?And what is meant by when she is sitting it depends on whether it is mezanekes or shoseses.Is this something which she can control?

Thank you in advance for your time and best regards to Yisroel Shaw.

Daniel Estreicher, Atlanta, GA

The Kollel replies:

"Dachik La Alma" refers to the pressure which is on the bladder which forces the Mei Raglayim towards the Mekor. If the woman is Matil Mayim in the natural way (Yosheves and Mezanekes), there is no undue pressure on the bladder. However, if she is Shoseses, obviously there is pressure which is causing the escape of the Mei Raglayim.

D. Zupnik