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Shimon HALIMI asked:

The guemara answers that the word "Ytmah" means a "light toum'ah" ("toum'ah Kalah"). Why does the term "Ytmah" refers to a light toum'ah and not a severe toum'ah ? Is it a general rule in the Torah, ie. because of a grammatical reason or something else ?

It seems that in the same parachah the same term "Ytmah" is used for a severe toum'ah concerning the Toum'ah of Mishkav ouMoshav of the Zov.



The Kollel replies :

Rashi explains that from the fact that the verse separates "Asher Yiheyu Tachtav" which relates to Elyono Shel Zav from "ha'Nosei Osam" which relates to Nosei Es ha'Medras with the word "Yitmah" and does not put them together, proves that Elyono Shel Zav is a lesser Tum'ah.

D. Zupnik