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Binyamin Antin asks:

Concerning the instruction a fetus receives during gestation, is it exclusively for Jews or are non-Jews taught the 7 mitzvot B'nai Noach?

The Kollel replies:

I suppose one can postulate either one way or the other, since it's hard to bring proofs to an answer to such a question. However, I would point out that the Gemara says that the fetus learns "Kol ha'Torah Kula." This wording does not suggest that there are those who only learn half of the Torah. From this it would seem that non-Jews do not learn the 7 Mitzvos. On the other hand, all of the other in-utero experiences of the child, as described in the Gemara, relate to accepting the Mitzvos in general, and they ought to apply to non-Jews as well as to Jews.

I would therefore like to suggest a third possibility. As we explained in the Insights to the Daf, the purpose of teaching the Torah to a fetus is in order that the child, after it is born, may be able to "relearn" the Torah. Had he not learned it during gestation, it would be impossible for a mortal to acquire an understanding of the Torah.

We know that even gentiles are able to acquire an understanding of the Torah if they become converts, and any gentile is able to become a convert. Therefore, I would suggest that the angel teaches Jews as well as non-Jews the entire Torah in-utero. Thus, the expression "Kol ha'Torah Kula" applies to gentiles as well.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to share them with us.