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C. Sherer asks:

When the Gemara says "teisheiv l'zachor u'l'nkaiva," we are told that the woman gets the chumros of both a zochor and a n'kaiva, i.e. that

she has fourteen days of tum'a (the chumra of the n'kaiva), and then only thirty-three days of dam tohar (the chumra of the zochor).

But how are those days counted? Are the first seven days of dam tohar subsumed in the last seven days of tumas leida? In other words, which

of the following is the woman's din:

Days 1-14 Tum'as leida

Days 15-40 Dam tohar

or is it

Days 1-14 Tum'as leida

Days 15-47 Dam tohar

Many thanks.

The Kollel replies:

It is the former. Since it is a Safek, the days of Taharah end on day 40, as if it was a boy. On that possibility, actually, the Tum'ah ended on day seven, but we are Machmir that she must be Tamei until day 14, out of doubt.

D. Zupnik