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Meir Borovetz asks:

On the insights to this daf ,it is written that the Griz writes "while Jews are obligated in Shevach and hoda to HKB"H the gentiles are only obligated in shevach".

On Shabbos and Yom Tov mornings we say right before Barchu, "Shekain chovas KOL hayetzurim..... Lehodos ulehallel" translated "It is the obligation of ALL before you to give gratitude and....".

How does the Griz answer this contradiction?

Meir Borovetz, Brooklyn, NY, USA

The Kollel replies:

The Griz is referring specifically to Nochrim praising Hash-m for miracles that Hash-m does for the Jewish people. When they see the wondrous things that Hash-m does for us, it is not appopriate for them to thank Hash-m, because the goodness was not done for them. However, they are expected to praise Hash-m, because they can see the incredible salvation that Hash-m does for the Jews. This is similar to the Berachah we say on lightning. When the sky lights up with an electric storm, it is a tremendous manifestation of the power of Hash-m. We probably do not derive any direct benefit from the lightning, but we make the Berachah because we are in awe of the might of G-d.

The same things applies to the Nochrim observing miracles that Hash-m does for Klal Yisrael. They do not derive direct benefit from this, so they do not make a Berachah of Hoda'ah to thank Hash-m, but they are in awe at the Divine Providence shown by the way Hash-m looks after the Jews, so they say a Berachah of Shevach.

In contrast, what we say on Shabbos mornings is referring to the nations thanking Hash-m for the good things that He does for them , from which they directly benefit. Everyone in the world is obliged to thank the Almighty for the wonderful things they receive from Him.

Meir, wishing you a Happy Purim Katan,

Dovid Bloom