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Ruben Weiser asks:


In pesachim page 118 b. God ask the yam suf the mitzrim(to show the yehudim that they are death) and he offer to repay 1 and half times what he took in a future. isn't it interest(rivit)?


ruben weiser

buenos aires, argentina

The Kollel replies:

The Maharsha explains that even though the Mitzriyim had been given to the sea, there is a rule that everything a servant acquires belongs to his owner (see Pesachim 88b). The sea is considered the servant of Hash-m, as we see in our Gemara. If so, we understand that there is no problem of Ribis because the Mitzriyim in fact still belonged to Hash-m, and also when Hash-m "repaid" the debt, the sea did not in fact aquire the booty it was given.

Dov Freedman