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Gershon Dubin asked:

Dear Rabbi Kornfeld,

The Gemara describes Gavriel offering to save Avraham from the fire, and Hash-m ultimately rewarding him for his good intentions. When Gavriel does so for Chanania, Mishael, and Azaraya, the Sar Haborod offers to cool the furnace, but where do we find that he was rewarded for his intentions?

The Kollel replies:

Very good question. Perhaps the Sar ha'Barad was not rewarded because although his intentions were good, his offer to save them would not have accomplished what Hash-m wanted. Had he saved them from the furnace, the miracle would not have been so evident, as the Gemara says, "The greatness of Hash-m would not be seen in that" (in hail cooling off a furnace, since that is natural). On the other hand, it was certainly fitting for Gavriel to save Avraham; it is just that Hash-m wanted to give Avraham greater honor by saving him Himself. Therefore, it was appropriate for Gavriel to be rewarded by being able to save the three Tzadikim from the furnace.