Mark Bergman asked:

The Gemoro discusses the case of 5 korbonos, one of which had a mum, and tries to find a way for each of the 5 chaburos to bring another korban, in case their's was the baal mum.

Could the Gemoro not suggest that each chaburo join conditionally to a chaburo who have not yet brought their korban, but just not eat [to avoid the problem of Neechal shelo liMenuyov if they were yotze with their first animal] ?

To give an example: Chaburos A, B, C, D, E, one of whom had a baal mum. Chaburo A now go to chaburo F (who have not yet brought a korban) and say "If our animal was a baal mum, then we are now registered on your animal with you, and if our animal was not a baal mum then we do nothing". Chaburo A do not eat from this animal (holding Achila lo meAkva).

Chaburos B, C, D and E do the same (with chaburo F or other chaburos)

Bevirkas Hatzlocho

Mark Bergman

Manchester UK

The Kollel replies:

The idea is good, but it will not serve to solve the problem of the Safek which Korban had a Mum. The Gemara here (88b) a few lines earlier clearly states that if one's Korban Pesach became mixed with another one and a Mum was found, and thus he does not know whether or not he may eat from this Korban (since he is in doubt whether or not it has a Mum; and the same would apply if he is in doubt whether or not he is considered Manuy on that Korban), he is considered a "Gavra d'Lo Chazi l'Achilah." According to everyone, in the case of Gavra d'Lo Chazi, the Achilah is Me'akev (Pesachim 78b).