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Sholem asks:

Is derech retook according to the opinion more than 15 mil a physical distance, which could potentially be within a town or is it 15 mil from the outskirts of the town.

if it is a simple measurement of distance (even within a town) then the problem of Chagigas Tes Vov can be solved by the person being at the other of town when it came to shechitas Peach

Sholem, UK

The Kollel replies:

It seems that it is a physical distance because Ulla said (below 93b) that it all depends whether one can enter the Azarah at the time of shechita and if one is 15 mil away or less, one is near enough to reach the Azarah if one walks at a normal pace starting at sunrise. According to this is does not matter whether one started off the journey inside a town or not.


Dovid Bloom