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Yakov Friedman asked:

When the tzibur is split 50 -50 Rav (according to Tana Kama and Rabi Yehuda's shitos) suggets being m'tameh one tohor individual with a sheretz to make rov tmaiam so everyone can do the karban pesach b'tumah. This implies that the tomei sheretz is able to combine with the t'maiai mais to make a rov. Later on the amud, Rav says that when a majority is tomei zav and the miut is tamei (sheretz) [MEIS], the t'maiai mais cannot do the karbon pesach b'tumah. This implies that other t'maiim are not mitztaref to the t'maiai mais to make them rov. This seems to be a contradictory shitah. Please help!!!!


The Kollel replies:

Only those people who are Tamei with certain types of Tum'ah are permitted to bring the Korban Pesach b'Tum'ah. Tum'as Zav is not one of those types. The reason for this is that the Torah says "v'Chol Tamei l'Nefesh " brings a Pesach b'Tum'ah when the Tzibur is Tamei, that is, only one who is Tamei Mes. Zav, Nidah, Yoledes, Metzora do not bring a Korban Pesach b'Tum'ah, since their Tum'ah is more stringent (in the sense that it is "Yotzei Alav mi'Gufo," exuding from his own body), as the Gemara explains on 67a. Tamei Sheretz is not excluded, apparently since it is more lenient than Tamei Mes in every way, and his Tum'ah did not exude from his own body.

Therefore, those who are Tamei with Tum'as Zav do not join those who are Tamei with Tum'as Meis or Sheretz. Tum'as Meis and Sheretz, though, do join to make a Rov who are Tamei.

Be well, Mordecai