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Doniel asks:

what's pshat in rashi dvrey hamaskil shalmei nazir?

specifically what's "techilasan le'achilah". What's rashi mentioning shilu'ach saro for - what does that have to do with achilah?


The Kollel replies:

To be sure, the Shalmei Nazir, unlike the Pesach, does not need to eaten, in which case the words 'techilasan la'achilah' appear to be superfluous.

Wishing you and yours a G'mar Chasimah Tovah.

Eliezer Chrysler

The Kollel adds:

I think Rashi just means that the meat of the Shalmei Nazir is an important part of the Nazir's atonement. This is learned from the fact that the hair of the Nazir must be burned under the pot of the Shelamim meat, so that the meat of the Korban will be eaten after having been cooked by "Nazir hair". This demonstrates that the meat of the Shalmei Nazir has more to do with the Nazir's atonement than the meat of other Korbanos. With other Korbanos, the atonement is through the Zerikah, and the meat is eaten because it is meat of a Korban. But the Nazir brings his Korban with the intention of completing his Kaparah by burning his hair under the pot of the Shelamim meat.

Mordecai Kornfeld