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Michael Wicentowski asked:

I was wondering why the Gemara can't answer(instead of like Rava) that its really like Abaye and Shechitah is "Metchilah Vad Sof" and this is according to Rebbi Meir who holds "tafus lashon rishon".

Michael Wicentowski, Milwaukee,USA

The Kollel replies:

The reason that the Gemara establishes Acherim like Rava is because, according to Abaye (who holds Yeshnah li'Shechitah mi'Techilah ve'ad Sof) R. Meir will concede that in a case of Mulim and Areilim, both will in fact, take effect, in which case, Mah Nafshach, the Korban will be Kasher (since it is not Kulah Orlah) - as Rashi explains.. And it is only according to Rava, who holds Einah li'Shechitah Ela be'Sof, that both cannot take effect, and depending on which one he said first, it is either Kulah Orlah or Kulah Milah.

Wishing you a Kesivah va'Chasimah Tovah

be'Virchas Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler