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yakov asks:


I don't understand how your translation of this Tosfos is understanding Tosfos. I read the words Dilma Hacha Pesul d'li'Shmo d'Eino Noheg b'Chol ha'Zevachim Lo Chashuv l'Meichal v'Havi Akirah to mean "maybe the p'sul of l'shmo which doesn't apply to other korbanos, is not significant enough to be chal (even though R"M normally holds t'fos lashon rishon) and the shelo l'shmo can make an akira of it AND IT WOULD BE KOSHER.

In other words, I thought the words are to be read "p'sul d'lishmo" (meaning the p'sul of shechting a Pesach b'shaar yemos hashan l'shem Peshach) and the translation seems to read it as "posul. d'lishmo..."

Todah - and please accept my apologies if I am making a silly mistake.

yakov, Toronto, Canada

The Kollel replies:


You are right! Thank you for pointing it out. We'll make sure to correct it.

Avraham Phillips

Kollel Iyun Hadaf