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Avy Dachman asks:

Last Tos on 49a DH" "Tanya Nami" pasted below. I question the summary statment. Tos seems to be asking on the terminology of gemorah, i.e.,why dosen't the gemrah use the term "tanya nami hachi" since Rav Chisda is an amorah.

>>(SUMMARY: Tosfos asks why the Gemara does not also bring a proof from this Beraisa for Rav Yehudah.)


Question: Why did they not cite 'Tanya Nami Hachi' from this case as proof for Rav Chisda?<<

Avy Dachman, Chicago

The Kollel replies:


Tosfos is bothered why the Gemara does not say "Tanya Nami Hachi," since this Beraisa supports Rav Chisda's statement that Rebbi Yehudah agrees with Rebbi Yosi that Se'udas Eirusin is a Se'udas Mitzvah. It is a proof for Rav Chisda, not Rebbi Yehudah.

We will correct this, iy'H. Thanks for bring this to our attention.

Avraham Phillips