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Menachem asked:

I love this website and the insights and the charts to the masechta. Thank you very much for helping me learn Toras Hash-m.

You wrote in the insights section for Pesachim 42a, that "HALACHAH: The Poskim rule stringently, like Rashi, and say that Matzah made from dough kneaded with warm water is forbidden throughout all of Pesach, even if it was done inadvertently."

However, I'm not sure which poskim you are referring to. Both the Mechaber and the Rama in siman 455:3 say that bishogeg it is Mutar.

Menachem, Teaneck, NJ

The Kollel replies:

The Shulchan Aruch records the different opinions, and says that one may be Meikil with dough that was mixed with warm water b'Shogeg, or with water that was not Mayim she'Lanu, only bi'She'as ha'Dechak. The Rema agrees that it is necessary for it to be a She'as ha'Dechak in order to be Meikil when the dough was mixed with warm water, but he maintains that when the water was not Mayim she'Lanu , we are Meikil b'Di'eved even without She'as ha'Dechak.

(However, I would assume that we, who are not experts in determining whether or not dough has become Chametz, would probably have to conduct ourselves stringently and forbid dough that was mixed with warm water b'Shogeg even bi'She'as ha'Dechak.)

D. Zupnik