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Dov Lew asked:

Tosfos (d.h. Titen) notes that according to those Tannaim that

chametz is Assur B'Hanah on Pesach, the ineligibility of chametzas trumah is learned from the pasuk of vi'nasan...

On this, Rabbi Akiva Eiger (in Gilyon Hashas) asks that Issurei

Hanah should not require a pasuk for this purpose, since it inherently can't be owned, it can't be given as trumah.

I don't understand Rabbi Akiva Eiger's question. Although R' Shimon holds that chametz is assur b'hanah on Pesach, nevertheless, it is permitted mi'dioraysa after Pesach. Since R' Shimon holds that 'davar hagorem li'momon ki'momon dami' (see Pesachim 29b and other locations) the chametz still can have ownership applied to it. Thus, we would still require a pasuk to disqualify chametz as trumah. So, what is bothering Rabbi Akiva Eiger?

Keep up the great work and have a good year.


Dov Lew

The Kollel replies:

Excellent insight. However, your point that "Gorem l'Mamon" assigns a status of ownership to an object is not applicable here. Although it is "Gorem l'Mamon," it is not considered to belong to him as his own property until it becomes Mutar b'Hana'ah. Until it actually becomes Mutar b'Hana'ah, it is not b'Reshuso, i.e. it is not his property to do with it as he wishes, such as to be Makdish it or sell it. (The ramifications of "Gorem l'Mamon" apply with regard to the laws of compensation for damages, as the Gemara described earlier (29b).)