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Aharon Levine asked:

I am confused by the times presented in the gemara 58a for shabbos Erev Pesach. If we use a standard day with halachic sunrise at 6:00 am and halachic sunset at 6:00 pm, it appears that according to Abaya's interpretation of R' Yishmael the events will occur as follows:

12:00 noon Musafim

1:00 pm Bazichin

1:30 pm Korbon Tamid until 2:30 pm

However, Rashi explains that the Bazichin and Chiluk Lechem Hapanim required an hour which would bring the Bazichin to 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. Also, what is Rashi's question (D"H Uvazichin) that the Tamid could be brought at the beginning of the 8th hour (1:00 pm)- that is when the Bazichin are brought assuming that "Shesh" in the gemara means the end of the 6th hour for the Musaf which is 12:00 noon. If "Shesh" means the beginning of the 6th hour, then the Musaf is being brought before midday. Where is the error in my calculations?

Aharon Levine, Baltimore, MD

The Kollel replies:

I believe that your conclusion is correct, and Shesh means the beginning of the sixth hour. I understand that you were reluctant to learn like this since Rashi says that the Mussaf comes later because the Torah says about it "Yom", and not Boker. However, Rashi merely meant to say that "Boker" requires an earlier Hakravah then Yom, not that Yom precludes an Hakravah before noon.

Dov Freedman