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Jake asks:

Dear Rabbi Kornfeld,

On Meila 9B Levi Says that he who has had Hanaa from Kodshai Kodashim before zerikas damim should bring 'That which goes entirely to the Mizbeach'. Rashi explains - based probably on the Beraisa which is brought in the gemara right below that that means Ktoret.

Wouldn't that definition 'That which goes entirely to the Mizbeach' include minhas kohen? Why only Ktoret?

Certainly bringing Ktoret is very difficult if not impossible - the making of the Ktoret was a well kept secret!

Secondly: If the intent is that one buys Ktoret and donates Ktoret - who is entitled to bring Ktoret? Is not Ktoret a "Korban Tsibur", and no individual may bring a Korban Tsibur?

If Levi means one should bring money for Ktoret - is this money kept separately, or is it put in one of the Shofarot [Shkalim ch 6.m5]? In the Misna in Shkalim there was no special place for money for Ktoret!?

Thanks for your help,

Yeshayahu HaKohen Hollander

The Kollel replies:

You are correct. Tosfos in Menachos (50a) writes that one had to donate the Ketores to the Tzibur.

D. Zupnik