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David Scop asks:


Dear Rav Kornfeld,

My chaver Heshy ccd on this question but didn't have the occasion to ask in shiur over weekend.

The gemara spells out a man or a woman , what about an androgynous person committing any of these acts?

Kol Tuv,


The Kollel replies:

Since an Androginus is a Safek Zachar, Safek Nekeivah, all the prohibitions concerning Arayos, both to men and to women, apply to him as well. However, he is not punishable at the hand of Beis Din (with the exceptions of the Isur of Mishkav Zachar, which is applicable to both men and women).

Wishing you a Kesivah v'Chasimah Tovah,

Eliezer Chrysler