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1. Kerisus dafim 25b, 4b, & 20b. Blood/"sheretz" &"kaparah gemurah" 2. Ashamos

Barry Epstein asked:

The Baraisa says the 5 ashamos atone yet the note says that the nazir's and metzora's do not. It says to see the Aruch LaNer for discussion. What does that source say?

Barry Epstein, Dallas, USA

The Kollel replies:

The Aruch la'Ner quotes the Gemara later (26a) which states that an Asham Metzora is brought to let the Metzora eat Kodshim and an Asham Nazir is brought to have his Nezirus in Taharah. How, then, could the Gemara say that these are atonements? The Aruch Laner concludes that this is not troubling, as the Torah itself ascribes the term "v'Chiper" by both of these Ashamos. He explains that the term "v'Chiper" here is that it cleans (a usage of "Kaparah") from any problem. This means that an Asham Metzora cleans completely from the prohibition the Metzora would otherwise have eating Kodshim, and the Nazir is cleaned from the fact that his Nezirus encountered Tumah.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose