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Anonymous asked:

1) I cannot located data on keritut - it is on-line? What's is the difference between beshogeg and aino yodeha?

1) On page 2 - what does Rashi means by kasavour?

The Kollel replies:

We removed the data on Keritut from the website for renovations. It will be reposted soon, new and improved.

Eino Yode'a is when a person does an act with intention to do the act, but he did not learn that such an act is forbidden. For example, he knew that it was Shabbos and he picked a fruit with intention to pick a fruit, but he claims that he never learned that picking fruit on Shabbos iis forbidden. In contrast, Shogeg is when a person does an act without intent. For example, he knows that picking fruit on Shabbos is forbidden, but he did not realize that today was Shabbos, or he did not realize that the fruit was attached to the ground. There is an opinion that equates Eino Yode'a with Shogeg, while another opinion maintains that Eino Yode'a is more like Mezid (intentional transgression).

I'm not sure which Rashi you are referring to.

Y. Shaw