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1. Rashi on "Charufah" in Chumash 2. Remarriage of woman based on testimony

Sam Kosofsky asks:

The Gemara discusses a shifcha charufa. It gives two sources from Tanach showing that the word charufa means crushed. Rashi in Chumash Vayikra 19:20 says that he doesn't know a dimyon in Mikra to this word. On our daf, however, he explains the word in a manner consistent with the pesukim in Tanach. This seems to be a setirah in Rashi. Please elucidate.


Sam Kosofsky

The Kollel answers:

Rashi in Chumash translates the verse according to the Peshat, according to which Charufah means betrothed. This has no other Scriptural source. However, as the Meforshim point out, it has a Mishnaic source in Kidushin 6a ("ha'Omer Charufasi b'Yehudah"). Our Gemara is a Derash, and is not the Peshuto Shel Mikra, and a Derash needs a Scriptural source (and, as the Gemara shows, this Derash has such a source). (See Sifsei Chachamim and Mizrachi.)

D. Zupnik