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Yosef A. Todd asked:

If we say that the resson why they dont bring a asham taliu is because there is no masseh so according to the maan de amar it is a masseh why does he say that, if the torah says that there is no masseh?

Yosef A. Todd , lakewood N.J.

The Kollel replies:

Your question is how can Rebbi Akiva require that a Megadef bring a Korban Asham since the movement of his lips is considered a Ma'aseh, if we derive (in the end of the Mishnah) from "l'Oseh" that a "Megadef, who does no Ma'aseh" is excluded?

The answer seems to be that Rebbi Akiva uses this verse to teach something else -- that one who serves Avodah Zarah through Hirhur (thought) is exempt from bringing a Korban, similar to what the Shitah Mekubetzes (4b, #18) writes.

M. Kornfeld