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Gary Schreiber asked:

In respect to properly mekudash animals we learned in zevachim that if there is an error in the hakrova the korban is not olah l'shem baalim and a new korban must be brought. In those situations of temurah, which are nikrav (eg todah, bechor, maaser behama etc) since the animal has kedushas haguf and not merely kedushas mamon, if there is an error in the hakrova would the "baal" need to bring yet another korban?

Gary Schreiber, Chicago

The Kollel replies:

One must bring another Korban only if one has a Chiyuv to bring a Korban (either a

Neder, or a Korban Chovah). With regard to Chovah, a Temurah is like a Nedavah

which needs to be brought, since it is Kadosh but there is no Achrayus.

By the way, Temuras Bechor and Ma'aser are not Kerevim.

D. Zupnik