allen schuldenfrei asks:

I don't believe footnote #1 to Hebrew Chart 17b was fully developed. Was the 3rd word intended to be "Ayloo"? In any event, I am wondering whether this is what you meant to say in the footnote: that from the pasuk "ve'Haya Hu u'Smuraso Yih'ye Kodesh" that we learn out that the Temurah animal is also Kodesh but not necessarily fit to be brought on the Mizbe'ach. And that it why we need the Derashos to tell us that Velad Shelamim and Temuras Shelamim are also brought on the Mizbe'ach. Please advise. Thanks.

Footnote 3 to Hebrew Chart 17 b seems to have a wrong citation. I think the correct citation should be Devarim 12:26.

allen schuldenfrei, baltimore, maryland usa

The Kollel replies:

You are definitely correct regarding your first correction (it should read "Ayloo"), and your third correction (the citation should be Devarim 12:26). However, I do not see anything wrong with footnote #1 in general (though it is succinct), as the subject is discussed primarily in the next Table and footnote #7.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose