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Mirko Benes asks:

Dear rabbi --

Thank you for your kindly answer, which was a pleasant surprise for me. In fact I really mean Erchin 4b, where it is written: "Let them be no worse than the worth a palm tree ! If he said: The worth of a palm tree [do I oblige mysef to pay], would he not have to pay it?" - I don't understand, which worth is here to mean? I look forward to your answer.

Shalom, Mirko

Mirko Benes, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

The Kollel replies:

Sorry about that. On Daf 4b too, the exact value of a palm tree is not given; the Talmud simply says that if one pledges the value of a palm tree to the Temple, he must pay its market value. That value, obviously, depends upon the exact tree (how large and healthy it is, where it is, etc.).

The Talmud uses this as an example to show that if one pledges the value of any object to the Temple, he must redeem his pledge, and not just if one pledges the value of a particular type of person. Therefore it is obvious that he must pay the value of an Androgenus to the Temple, if he pledges to do so, whether or not an Androgenus person is considered male or female.

Be well, Mordecai